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Wranitzky Portrait used by kind permission by the Nydahl CollectionA Neglected Master

“The music of [Paul] Wranitzky was in fashion when it was new because of his natural melodies and brilliant style. He treats the orchestra well, especially in symphonies. I recall that, in my youth, his works held up very well in comparison with those of Haydn. Their premature abandonment of today has been for me a source of astonishment.”

- Belgian violinist and musicologist François Joseph Fétis (1784–1871)

In his day, Paul Wranitzky (1756-1808) was one of the most highly regarded musicians in Europe. Moravian by birth, the composer moved to Vienna as many aspiring musicians did, and quickly achieved status as a remarkable and versatile composer of operas, chamber music, and symphonies.

Once a highly respected and influential musician, Wranitzky is today all but forgotten - overshadowed by his better known contemporaries and friends - Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.

The musical legacy of Wranitzky is large, yet surprisingly unknown. With 2006 being the composer's 250th anniversary, and 2008 the bicentennial of his death, it is the purpose of this web site to study and promulgate the music of this once famed composer.

This website aims to be a reliable and free source for performing editions of the music of Wranitzky. The scores and parts of many of his symphonic and chamber works will be made available to anyone who is interested in their performance or study. The works will be added to the database as they become available.


New Paul Wranitzky CD series for Naxos01/03/2021
The Wranitzky Project, together with Czech Masters in Vienna and Naxos, is very pleased to announce an upcoming CD series devoted to Paul Wranitzky.

The first CD (8.574227) featuring symphonies and ouvertures will be released in April 2021.

The scores used for the recording sessions have been provided by the Wranitzky Project and will be made available for free download in conjunction with the CD release.

Akamus records Paul Wranitzky 01/03/2021
The Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin has recorded a CD with works by Paul Wranitzky, and is crowdfunding to cover the production costs.

Please support their effort!

We are still here!01/03/2021
As you might have noticed, the website has unfortunately not been updated for several years.

During this time we have focused on providing music editions to ensembles and orchestras. This has resulted in some exciting projects that soon will reach the general public.

We are working on some overdue updates to the site, and hope to be able to start adding more material shortly.

If you are looking for any particular work by Wranitzky, or have any other questions - send us an email!

Passing of Christopher Hogwood24/09/2014
We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our friend and contributor Christopher Hogwood. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and colleagues.

Anton Wranitzky's 250th birthday13/06/2011
Today marks the 250th anniversary of Anton Wranitzky, the younger half brother of Paul. Less famous than his older brother, Anton was an excellent violinist and gifted composer who studied with Haydn, Albrechtsberger and Mozart. As the music director of Joseph Franz Maximilian Lobkowicz, Anton Wranitzky took part in the premiere of many of Beethoven's works under the direction of the composer.

John Stine @ Wranitzky.com24/05/2009
We are very happy to announce that John Stine has joined our project. Read more about John.

Danish Royal Library digitizes Wranitzky holdings07/02/2009
The Danish Royal Library has digitized its holding of Wranitzky early prints, which can be freely downloaded at their site External link. The Wranitzky Project applaudes the effort and hopes that more libraries will follow this excellent example!

Paul Wranitzky's 252nd birthday30/12/2008
The year of 2008 has been eventful for The Wranitzky Project. In addition to several concerts with modern premières of compositions by Wranitzky, we parttook in organizing the first Wranitzky Festival in Nová Říše. Fitting for an anniversary year, a memorial plaque was unveiled outside the birthplace of the Wranitzky brothers.

For 2009 we look forward to expanding the website further, as well as publishing more music for download.

The Wranitzky Festival 2008 30/12/2008
Please visit the page dedicated to the first Wranitzky Festival in Nová Říše. In addition to a recap of the event, there are photos and a link to a TV segment about the festival!

200th Anniversary of Paul Wranitzky's death 26/09/2008
On the 200th anniversary of Wranitzky's death, the members of the Wranitzky project would like to express our gratitude to all the people who are helping us in our efforts to revive Wranitzky's musical legacy.

We hope to be able to add some exciting new materials on the website shortly. Stay tuned!

Paul Wranitzky's 251st birthday30/12/2007
Coinciding with the 251st anniversary of Wranitzky's birth is the first anniversary of the launch of During the past year our team has grown from three to seven members, and we have made good progress into the research of Wranitzky and his works.

With the 200th anniversary of Wranitzky's death coming up next year we will accelerate our efforts to get Wranitzky's music accessible and performed

Marisa Solomon @ Wranitzky.com08/10/2007
It is a pleasure to announce that Marisa Solomon has joined the Wranitzky project. With her dissertation on Wranitzky's operatic works, she is one of the true Wranitzky pioneers. Read more about Marisa here.

Lukáš Krajíček @ Wranitzky.com06/10/2007
A native of Wranitzky's hometown Nová Říše, Lukáš Krajíček has already been a great help to the project and has now officially joined us. Read more about Lukas.

Christopher Hogwood @ Wranitzky.com05/05/2007
We are extremely pleased to announce that musicologist and conductor Christopher Hogwood has joined us. Read more about his involvement here.

Susan Fain @ Wranitzky.com27/02/2007
We are happy to announce that Susan Fain has joined our project. Read more about Susan.


New CD - Anton and Paul Wranitzky 15/12/2009
A new CD with chamber music by Paul and Anton Wranitzky performed by the Stamic Quartet has been released.

Edition - Haydn Divertimenti 25/6/2009
Christopher Hogwood has edited the first set of Wranitzky's arrangements of Haydn String Quartets as Divertimenti. They are available from Edition HH.

Download - Symphony in F major, op 33 no 3 31/5/2009
The full score of the cheerful Symphony in F major, op 33 no 3 has been added as a download.

NEW - Library 30/12/2008
A Library section containing transcripts of old articles, letters, scenarii and libretti as well as an extensive bibliography has been added.

Download - Symphony in D minor - "La Tempesta" 30/12/2008
The full score of the highly dramatic Symphony in D minor - "La Tempesta" has been added as a download.

Download - String trio in A minor 07/09/2008
The charming String trio in A minor from the early "Hoffmeister" set has been added as a download. We are planning to add more downloads soon. Do tell us which works you would like to see!

NEW - Discography 27/03/2008
A discography of known Wranitzky recordings has been added to the site. The list will be updated as new recordings are made available, and old ones are found.

NEW - RSS enabled 13/01/2008
The Wranitzky Project is now using RSS to notify about new updates. Point your RSS client to:

NEW - Concert Listing20/11/2007
A listing for upcoming concerts featuring the music of Wranitzky has been added to the site.

Download - String Quartets op 23 no 1-305/08/2007
The String quartets for the King of Prussia op 23.
These string quartets contain fine writing in the concertante style for all the instruments. Since the king was a fine amateur cellist, the cello takes the spotlight at many occasions. This set is a welcome addition to the quartet reportoire! opens! 30/12/2006
Today, marking the 250th anniversary of the birth of Paul Wranitzky, opens.

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