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We love to get feedback from our visitors. However some questions arise more often than others. For your convenience, we will post answers to the most commonly asked questions.Do continue to share your questions and comments!


Q: Why do you use the form Paul Wranitzky and not Pavel Vranický or even Wranitsky?
A: Upon his relocation to Vienna, Wranitzky adopted a German spelling of his name. This was a common practice, as indicated by the use of Wanhal, Dussek, etc. Due to an Imperical decree by Joseph II in 1788, use the Czech language was prohibited in official contexts such as government and education. As a result, the use of Czech spellings within a formal name would even seem inappropriate.

All of Wranitzky's music was published under this new form, and he also signed his letters this way. Interestingly, the form 'Wranizky' was most commonly used. However in modern publications such as RISM and Groves, the form Wranitzky has been adopted and we will adhere to this form.


Q: Why is the site called the Wranitzky Project (and found at ) yet the site seems to only be about Paul Wranitzky? What about his brother Anton?
A: Though the site focuses now on the life and works of Paul Wranitzky, in the future, information on his brother Anton will also be made available. It is true that both Wranitzky brothers were indeed prominent musicians in Vienna at the later part of the 18th century. However, Paul's compositional output is more considerable and was partly catalogued in 1967, making him an obvious starting point for the Wranitzky project.


Q: I am interested in a particular work by Wranitzky. Do you have any additional information on this work, and when will it be available on the website?
A: We have already acquired sources for a large portion of Wranitzky's output. Hence, it is likely that we have some more in depth information on the work you are interested in. Chances are also good that the music has been computer notated, but not yet edited. Please inquire with us and we will do our best to answer your questions!


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